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Updated: May 22, 2018

Job Title: Software Engineer

Neighborood: Columbia Heights, Washington D.C.

Meet Fareez. Last month, The Washingtonian Group helped him with the purchase of his first home, and he is now a proud Washington D.C. homeowner.

Fareez currently works in The District as a software engineer, and started 2018 in search of a property that would serve as home, and one that would also maintain a strong potential to be used as a rental and investment property.

After spending months exploring and weighing many different kinds of lifestyle options (ie condos, row homes, english basement units, ect…) Fareez and The Washingtonian Group finally found the perfect space for him:

A two bed, two bath condo, with two separate living spaces and a shared backyard and front yard. It is a classic Columbia Heights row home (now condo conversion) with every convenience and charm one could hope for in their first home; plenty of space, move-in ready, and in a prime location.

Last Sunday afternoon, we stopped by to see how he’s been settling into his new space. He graciously welcomed us into his home and surprised us with some amazing empanadas from his newest favorite neighborhood restaurant around the corner.

In an effort to promote our friends, partners, and clients, we asked Fareez if he'd be up for a quick Q and A. Thankfully, his generosity didn't end at the empanadas. Keep reading to see what Fareez has to say about being a new (first time) homebuyer.

TWG: When did you realize you were ready to buy a home?

F: There wasn’t just one specific thing that happened that made me say ‘OK, I’m ready’. But this year, my life changed drastically when I decided that I was one hundred percent ready to pursue a life that made me happier...which meant leaving a lot behind that didn’t make me feel happy or fulfilled anymore. And just like that, a new chapter of my life started. This is the first property I’ve ever owned, but it’s already special to me because it feels like a fresh start I’ve been looking for.

TWG: What do you love most about your new home so far?

F: I love that I was able to find a home in the city with so much space. I have a bedroom, an in-home office, two separate living room areas, and a guest room! The best part is the backyard, because I am planning on pet sitting for friends, and am in the process of looking for a dog of my own, which I am really excited about.

TWG: What do you love most about living in Columbia Heights?

F: The neighborhood is being revitalized quickly, but seems to be holding on the a certain kind of charm and character unlike other areas in D.C. There are so many great restaurants and conveniences right on my block, and I’ve recently discovered that several friends and acquaintances live very close by! I feel like I have a real sense of community here.

TWG: Why did you choose to work with The Washingtonian Group above another team of realtors in the DMV?

F: “It definitely helped that I already knew Andres because it made the working relationship feel really comfortable, but that wasn’t necessary the reason why I chose TWG...I know other real estate agents I could have worked with, but Andres has always been dependable, honest, and I trust his sense of taste.”

TWG: What did you appreciate most about working with Andres and The Washingtonian Group?

F: “While out on our long days of home tours, sometimes we’d walk up to a property together, open the door and Andres would say, ‘No, let’s not waste our time here. This isn’t for you.’ In the beginning of the process I’d say, ‘Well, let’s take a look anyways, we’re already here.’

After several times of walking through and realizing that he was right from the very beginning, I started to trust his guidance and opinions even more...Andres is very astute at reading people’s needs and really took the time to understand what my needs, wants and personal circumstances were.”

TWG: Now that you are officially a homeowner, what is something you have learned from your first home buying experience? And/Or what is a piece of advice you would give to a friend who is about to buy a home for the first time?

F: I consider myself someone who likes to fix and improve things; it’s probably one of the character traits that make me an efficient engineer. But what I’m learning through this process is that there isn’t necessarily a finish line to race towards. I’ve realized that being a homeowner means becoming comfortable with the fact that there is now a never ending list of to-do’s and projects I’ll be working on. My advice would also be to be thoughtful about your space and put intention into creating your home’s aesthetic.

TWG: What is one thing you are currently doing to improve your space?

F: Since closing on this home, I’ve started collecting art that really resonates with me. I wanted to make sure it was displayed in the best way possible, so I hired a very talented, professional framer to help frame some unfinished pieces. She’s also going to carefully design the placement of each piece, and will professionally hang each piece in the best places for the overall look of the home. I invested a little bit more by hiring an artist as opposed to a handyman, but it’s totally worth it!

Click here to see the creative genius, Frame Avenue Design (AKA The Frame Master) that Fareez has been working with to custom frame his art collection and design the home's wall space!

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